The Lean With Leanne Challenge IS for men and women. The science based programs are effective for both men and women. The Lean With Leanne Challenge is inclusive for all ages, sexes, shapes, sizes and abilities.

YES! All downloadable Gym programs, Nutritional Info and Educational Videos will be posted to the 8 Week Challenge closed facebook group. The group is also a great tool in helping you meet people on the same journey and help hold you accountable to your goals.

NO! You do not need to have access to a Gym. The Challenge provides programs that can be done in the comfort of your home.


The Lean With Leanne Online Coaching Program IS for men and women. The science based programs are effective for both men and women. Online Coaching is inclusive for all ages, sexes, shapes, sizes and abilities and is completely specific for each individual goal.

NO! Online Coaching is designed to help EVERYONE from regular Gym users to complete Newbies. All programs will include detailed information on exercises, form, tempos and rest periods.

Once you have completed your online information my goal is to get all new client programs built within 2-3 working days. Some clients with more specific needs may take up to 3-4 working days. But my aim is to get my clients motivated and fully engaged as soon as possible.

The question on everyone’s lips! It is simple! That is completely down to YOU! Consistency and hard work are essential! My programs are designed based on science, experience and results from both myself and my clients. I KNOW my programs 100% work when combined with commitment and 100% adherence.


YES! The recipes I have included in the Cook Book are designed to give you lots of choice and to be as flexible as possible. So if there are any ingredients that you are allergic to or intolerant to then you will be able to swap it for something else.

NO! I have ensured that each recipe is as accessible as possible for all my clients. The most exotic ingredients you may find are things like Coconut Flour or Xylitol – a natural sweetener. However, most supermarkets now stock these types of ingredients.

YES! I have specifically designed this Cook Book to make healthy eating simple and enjoyable for the whole family. The recipes are fun to make and give healthier alternatives to family favourites. Dieting does NOT need to be boring and with the help of these healthy recipes it can be enjoyable for the whole family.


NO! Group Training is specifically designed for beginners and the programs are created to help build confidence in a Gym environment. The class is all about building physical and mental strength whether you are a beginner or Gym regular.

NO! Transformation Training at Winners 2000 Paignton does NOT require a membership at the Gym.

YES! You will receive the Lean With Leanne Cook Book every month you join Group Training along with nutritional support and education.


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So the short answer is ... Yes.