Strong Mums Club

Mondays / Wednesdays & Fridays 9:30am @ Winners 2000 Paignton: Book on to my strong mums group training classes with NO GYM MEMBERSHIP required! Starting at just £10 a session. 

A brand new group training program designed to:

  • 🔥 Build total body strength and tone
  • 🔥 Improve fitness and endurance
  • 🔥 Build core strength effectively postpartum
  • 🔥 Improve confidence and knowledge on the gym floor

In addition this is a 👶🏼 child friendly 👶🏼 class - where a small area will be set up with toys and books for children to play whilst you train.

Pay £10 for a single session

Pay £20 weekly for all three sessions (only £6.66 per session)


Pay just £50 for access to all classes in a month (Only £4.16 per session)


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